flash mob auckland queen street

Crackerjack Events love a challenge!

“How about staging a flash mob on Auckland’s Queen St during peak rush hour?”. A question posed by Maire McCallion, director of McCallion Irish Dance Academy.

Fast forward to 1.00pm, peak rush hour, at the busiest intersection of Queen Street.

As the pedestrian light turned green, a mob of Irish Dancers with a ‘green dog’ in tow, rushed into the intersection and performed a Lord of the Dance flash mob. Phones flashed, cars tooted leaving some passers-by curious or confused.

Crackerjack Events love a marketing or promotional opportunity!

The Crackerjack team, sporting St Patrick’s Festival T-shirts, promoted the upcoming Festival during the flash mob. A grand publicity stunt that generated excellent exposure for the Festival through its social media channels.

By the way, permission was obtained from Michael Flatley, himself!