If someone said to you, how many variations of pink do you think there are, what would your answer be? 20? 50? In fact, there is over 150 and when it comes to the Pink Star Walks. I think you’d be hard-pressed not to find all 150 varieties of pink in those crowds from the truly dedicated walkers, suppliers, volunteers and even the health and safety manager's tie (check out the photo) in attendance across all four cities in New Zealand.

Held annually, the Pink Star Walks raises vital funds for the Breast Cancer Foundation NZ and we’ve been honoured to be a part of delivering these events since its inception, with year-on-year growth!

In 2019, Queenstown was the fourth city to add to the series, with it now being held in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown in late October/November each year with most of these events falling one weekend after the next – you can imagine what we look like coming into December!

Our team takes lead on all logistical matters to ensure each event happens in each city, safely and successfully. This includes route design, Council facilitation, traffic management, crowd control, contracting and managing all suppliers, sponsor facilitation and the running of the event on the day.

This is a very special Crackerjack Event for us and we can tell you, it is a guaranteed tear-jerker each year!

“This year was a milestone for us, launching in Queenstown and maintaining good numbers across all the events…Everything went seamlessly, feedback has been really positive, and no emergency re-planning was needed! Thank you to all your team – Pam, Casey, Ian and Ian – for all your hard work, support and fun on the day. It’s always a pleasure working with you…you guys rock”.
Amylouise Miller, Corporate Partnerships Manager, Breast Cancer Foundation NZ
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