A Bar Mitzvah marks the coming of age of a young Jewish boy, when he turns 13. Crackerjack has executed several Bar Mitzvahs - all with a different theme and venue. From night clubs, to tennis clubs to theatres to art galleries, each Bar Mitzvah has to fit with the boy’s personality and passions for celebrating his coming of age.

These events have to follow special dietary rules with understanding and respect for the religion and its traditions.

Moreover, the three-day event is multi-layered, with content that needs to excite three generations - older parents and grandparents, teenagers and younger siblings. Dead space and time are not tolerated and everything needs to snap in place.

While tough to organise, with lots of emotions and competing pressures involved, Crackerjack’s team feels privileged to be taken in to share such a personal experience with a family.

“I'm amazed how your ideas came to life so perfectly ! I couldn't imagine how things will look like, and once everything was in place I was completely blown away!! The planning, the decoration, and the entire weekend completely exceeded my expectations. Thank you so very much for all your hard work!”.
Bar Mitzvah Family